Why maintain your plane with an CFR 145 FAA certified repair station?

As an airplane owner or operator ,you have several options when it comes to finding a person or a company to maintain your aircraft. These options range from a single airframe and power-plant (A&P) mechanic to a Certified Repair Station, non certified maintenance shop or other FBO/MRO. The FAA /CFR rules are specific, on who can perform maintenance and approve the aircraft, airframe, engines, etc, for return to service after the maintenance is performed .For example, any maintenance technician holding a Part 65 certificate, better known as an Airframe and Power-plant Mechanic Certificate, a repairman certificated under Part 65, a repair station certificated under Part 145, and an air carrier certificated under Part 121 are just a few noted in the regulations as being authorized to perform maintenance and also complete an approval for return to service.

Many factors may affect your choices for a maintenance provider. If you are operating your aircraft and have an unscheduled maintenance stop, the chances are you might find a local A&P mechanic or FBO to take care of your issue. But in most cases, the scheduled maintenance you require, the size and complexity of your aircraft, and the types of repairs or modifications will dictate where you choose to take your airplane for maintenance.

The term repair station refers to a maintenance facility that has a certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 145 and is engaged in the maintenance, preventive maintenance, inspection, and alteration of aircraft and aircraft products. Another more general term used throughout the industry is MRO, referring to repair stations as maintenance, repair, and overhaul facilities. The term MRO is often used to describe a repair station, but is sometimes used by FBOs or other non-certificated companies employing groups of airframe and power-plant mechanics.

Once you enter into the certified repair station world, you encounter a segment of the industry that is regulated intensely by FAA and also receives more oversight and attention from aviation related agencies. The infrastructure and equipment associated with a repair station is much more sophisticated than what you would find at an FBO or non certified aircraft maintenance shop and certainly with an A&P mechanic. These facilities are required to have a FAA approved Operations Manuals describing the required management personnel , responsibilities of management personnel , company operating procedures, safety procedures and training procedures for employees .

There is a absolute requirement for a quality control system; however, many repair stations go beyond the basic requirement and develop intricate quality management systems. Repair stations are required to have an FAA-approved training program for repairmen and mechanics and there are requirements for building/housing, facilities and equipment requirements also. These are requirements you won’t find when it comes to your usual MRO or A&P mechanic.

The Certified repair stations must have a manual that describes its inspection processes the selection and training of its technicians and quality inspectors, how it conducts internal audits and the frequency, along with how it will annotate and track corrective actions taken to improve the system. As the FAA overseas monitors the strict compliance of these . They also have a “Random check – Drug and alcohol program”, to make sure the employees working on your airplane are not using them. There are more requirements and you can read them for yourself in Part 145.211

Most certified Repair Stations have a large pool of talent and experience to work on your aircraft. Due to the larger size of operations they are also required to carry much higher levels of warranties and insurances than the local MRO’s or maintenance shops. Most independent mechanics/A&Ps don’t provide warranties or carry insurances to cover for any damage or loss to your aircraft or persons.

Some Repair Stations can be much more specialized, too. So, if you need a new avionics package installed, you won’t have any problem finding a shop to do the work. If you are redoing the interior of your airplane, the same is true. Certified repair stations attract and hire the best available and trained talent to keep up the quality of maintenance and services, as required by the FAA.

Generally, repair stations provide a higher quality of maintenance and services. Logbook entries of maintenance performed at a repair station instead of an FBO or mechanic shop will also raise the value of your airplane.

Why should I use an aircraft dealer or broker while buying or selling aircrafts?

Buying or selling an aircraft can be very exciting but is also very complex and risk involved process. If it is not done professionally and properly, the process can become very expensive and complicated causing losses, damages and unwanted litigation.

Yes, these days there are many aircraft purchase/sale marketing websites that you could go and browse about airplanes for sale. If you read the terms and conditions of these websites, you will see that they take no responsibility of the content provided in their website, legitimacy of the buyer’s /seller’s or actual condition of the aircraft. By using a professional aircraft dealer /broker you can eliminate the complexities and complications of this process and get the best deals using their professional knowledge, industry network and resources.

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What types of aircraft can I buy/sell through Jetexe?  How do I get Financing?

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Why is charter booking safer, faster and cheaper through JetEXE? How is it different?

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They undergo the highest quality of training and periodic recurrent training to perform at the highest levels of professionalism and skills. Our crew are frequently tested for their competency and graded.

JetEXE aviation uses several third-party consultants for audits and reviews of our internal and external operating procedures, aircraft maintenance and crew quality in order to get unbiased feedback and also to be in full compliance of the FAA mandated regulations.

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