JeteEXE Aviation is located at 6273 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento,CA , in the  historic building and hangar in Sacramento Executive airport, the first and original Sacramento airport building , which used to the United Airlines building and President Regan’s hangar.

We are conveniently located near downtown Sacramento and you can drive:

  • 10 minutes to downtown Sacramento.
  • 1.0 hour  to San Francisco, Napa, Oakland, Stockton etc by road.
  • 1.2 hours to Santa Rosa
  • 1.8 Hours to Lake Tahoe ski slopes.
  • 2.2 Hours to Reno , Nevada, Casinos.
  • 2.4 Hours away from Santa Cruz
  • 5.0 Hours to Los Angels, Southern California region.

15 Training Airports, within approx 50 nautical miles!

View KSAC – Airport diagram

KSAC-aerial view
Sacramento Executive Airport

Sacramento Executive Airport (Base Airport) – Has 3 Runways , Instrument Approaches and Control Tower.

Sacramento International Airport (5 minute flight) – Has 2 Runways , Instrument Approaches, Radar Control and FAA Control Tower.

Sacramento – Mather airport (5 minute flight) – Has 2 Runways , Instrument Approaches and Control Tower.

Sacramento Mc Cleland Airport (5 minute flight) – Has 2 Runways , Instrument Approaches , Uncontrolled airport .

Davis University Airport (5 minute flight) –  Has 1 Runway and Instrument Approaches , Uncontrolled airport.

Franklin Field (10 Minute Flight) –  Has 2 Runways , Uncontrolled airport

Nut Tree , Vacaville airport – Has 1 Runway , Uncontrolled airport.

Rio Vista Airport – Has2 Runways , Uncontrolled airport.

Concord Airport (20 minute Flight) –  Has 3 Runways , Instrument Approaches, Control tower.

Oakland Airport (30 Minute flight) – Has 4 Runways , Instrument Approaches, Radar Control and Control Tower

Hayward Airport (40 minute flight) – Has 2 Runways , Instrument Approaches and Control Tower

San Francisco International (50 Minute flight)

Yuba Airport

Yolo County airport

Napa Airport

Local Weather

Sacramento California, has exceptional year-round good weather for aviation training. Sacramento is rated as one of the sunniest cities in USA. Sacramento enjoys bright, sunny days 82% of the year. Its mostly pleasant, mild temperatures attracts visitors and vacationers all year long. The rainy period is generally November through March, averaging 42 days of rain during that period. Rain showers are typically light and begin slowing near the beginning of April each year.

The best time to visit Sacramento is during the Spring and Fall. That’s when the weather conditions are best for overall enjoyment of the great attractions Sacramento CA has to offer. Although the winter months can bring few  rainy periods and mild chilly temperatures, it’s still a nice, pleasant time of the year to visit.

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Travel Information

By Air

Sacramento International Airport

Sacramento, California is the capital of California State and is well-connected by air rail and road. The Sacramento International Airport is 20 minutes drive time from our location.

You can drive to Sacramento from San Francisco international Airport or Oakland international Airport  in 1.5 hours. You may also use San Jose international Airport and then drive 2.0 hours to Sacramento. Commuter flight connect to Redding and Stockton airports too.

By Rail

Amtrak railways services to most cities in the United States. The Sacramento Amtrack Station is 15 minutes away by road from our location.

Check Amtrak Train schedules

Sacramento Amtrack Railway Station


By Road

Sacramento is in Northern California and our location is  connected with many freeways such as highway 80, Highway 5, Highway 50, Highway 99 and many more.


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