Why should we use an aircraft dealer or broker while buying or selling aircrafts?

Buying or selling an aircraft can be very exciting but is also very complex and risk involved process. If it is not done professionally and properly, the process can become very expensive and complicated causing losses, damages and unwanted litigation.

Yes, these days there are many aircraft purchase/sale marketing websites that you could go and browse about airplanes for sale. If you read the terms and conditions of these websites, you will see that they take no responsibility of the content provided in their website, legitimacy of the buyer’s /seller’s or actual condition of the aircraft.

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What types of aircraft can I buy /sell through Jetexe? How do I get Financing?

JetEXE aviation is a full-service “Center of excellence” dealership for aircraft. Our aircraft dealership can assist you with buying or selling new or used aircraft, both airplanes and helicopters. Our aircraft acquisition team and sales team with over hundred years of combined aviation experience, can meet all your aircraft acquisition or sales needs. We carry a large consignment inventory of, private jets , turbine, piston airplanes, turbine helicopters and piston helicopters . The average inventory turnover time is 60 days.

Not all banks are financing companies can finance airplanes . It is a niche market and very few financing companies understand aircraft financing .JetEXE aviation has partnered with the world’s leading aircraft financing companies, who can provide you with financing at the best market rates in minimum time. If you wish to get prequalified for the purchase please contact us