We care about your aircraft, its operational condition and also its appearance. Your aircraft deserves the most personalized attention, to be in top shape for your flight operations. JetEXE’s aircraft cleaning and detailing services provide the flexibility, quality and versatility needed to make your aircraft or helicopter be in its best shape year round and at all times. Moreover, the interior of your aircraft is a reflection of your personality, professionalism and a symbol of your care and attention to detail in everything you do.

We provide quick turn around cleaning and specialized deep cleaning of interiors, sanitation of cockpit, cabin and toilets. JetEXE’s aircraft detailing  team provides several choices in aircraft exterior detailing from which you can customize the service for your needs, some of the popular services are:

Aircraft Interior Cleaning

Carpet, Seats  & Interior Cleaning

Lavatory Sanitation and Baggage compartment cleaning


Carpets & Seats

It is important to periodically clean, sanitize and service the interior of your aircraft. The carpets, toilets, seats and other parts of the interior can hold dust, germs and moisture which builds up the environment for bacteria and germs to thrive and can make it unhealthy and unpleasant to be inside the aircraft.This can significantly deteriorate the life of the aircraft interior and equipment.  The aircraft seats and plastics need servicing and cleaning to protect it from exposure damage. Periodic deep cleaning of the aircraft will also increase the life of cabin equipment, air-conditioning, flight instruments etc. that can deteriorate with dust, fungus, mold, moisture and other bacteria.

Our aircraft cleaning team will remove carpets, seats if needed, vacuum the aircraft interiors, deep clean carpets and seats and sanitize the entire interior. Done with extreme care as to not soak up the carpet’s fire backing, the carpet is vacuumed and then spot treated to remove stains and germs from environmental contamination and or repeated use. The carpets are then deep cleaned with certified commercial grade carpet dirt extractor. This would make the carpet clean and refreshed.

Leather seats and interior areas will be provided with leather rejuvenation  treatment and polish to increase the life and finish of the leather.

If you wish to repair the interior or refurbish  the aircraft interior with new customized interiors, we can provide the service through our service partners. Please contact us for more information and Quotes.

Lavatory Sanitation and Baggage compartment cleaning

Our aircraft lavatory cleaning service is designed to disinfect, clean and revive every surface in the lavatory and baggage compartment before returning the aircraft to service. The toilet areas and toilet counter tops are cleaned and sanitized  to perfection and  every table, surface, closet or drawer is completely cleaned out, sanitized and reorganized. When we are done the toilets and  aircraft interiors will be spotlessly clean and ready for you or your passengers.

If your aircraft lavatory is carpeted and requires  cleaning, check out our aircraft Carpet Cleaning service.


Aircraft Exterior Services

Your airplane soaks up the sun, rain and snow every time its is outside the hangar, parked or is flying through the weather. You like the way the paint colors and high-class gloss flash in daytime, making your airplane look like it just rolled off the manufacturer’s factory. But did you know that the sun’s UV rays are bad not just for human skin, but also for your airplanes paint job?

Sunlight and UV can actually speed up both corrosion and paint fading on any metal surface. The fact that you sometimes your airplane flies through all types of weather conditions at all hours only contributes further to the exterior damage. As a prudent airplane owner, you should definitely consider taking preventive measures to protect your airplanes finish from the destructive effects of sun and weather damage to aircraft exterior and paint. A full paint job is one of the more expensive services you can avail yourself of for your car. Changing or removing and repainting the flaking, peeling paint every now and then is not an option for all.

To reduce environmental damage and sun damage on the aircraft exterior you must have the airplane parked in shade or hangar as when it is not being flown. Periodic cleaning, washing, removing oil residues, exhaust gas residue, waxing  and detailing of the aircraft exterior will not only keep your plane looking great and shiny, but will increase the life of the paint, reduce corrosion and oxidation.

Aircraft quick turn-around washing or deep cleaning.

Washing and waxing your airplane is the first line of defense against the sun and environment/weather damage to your aircraft exterior. Periodic washing of the exterior of your aircraft is important to ensure that dirt, grease, grime, exhaust residue and oil residues don’t become a permanent part of your aircraft paint and looks.

We use certified OEM chemicals and techniques to ensure that every surface of your aircraft’s exterior is washed, cleaned spotless and kept shining. Exhaust trails and under-wing sections dirt build ups are removed before it cases any damage your aircraft’s paint or surfaces.

Our “Quick Turn around” washing includes washing and cleaning fuselage, wings, empennage, under carriage, removal of fluid streaks and oil/exhaust residue build up on exterior paint, remove insect spots, cleaning of windows & landing gear. This a great option for the demanding pilot’s schedule or touch-ups between deep cleanings. Deep cleaning will involve buffing off the layers of oxidation on the paint and then polishing and waxing. 


Paint Bright Restoration & Detailing

Protecting your aircraft’s paint by polishing and waxing, keeps it looking great and will save you time and money in repainting costs.

This service covers waxing and polishing nearly 100% of your aircraft exterior and thus deserves attention to detail and patience. Where waxes breakdown at high speeds and in wet environments, a well applied sealant will last nearly a year of flying while providing your aircraft with a hard long lasting shine.


Paint polishing & Sealing

This service would restore your aircraft’s appearance to like-new, depending on how old and worn the paint is. Polish, wax and sealants remove contaminants that have left your aircraft looking dull, oxidized and chalk-like. Our multistage process, removes dirt and contaminants before the entire painted surface is sealed multiple times locking out future buildups and providing a hard shine on the exterior paint.

But before any buffing, waxing or sealing is done, our process starts with a detailed inspection of the paint and its current paint condition is evaluated. This evaluation helps us determine the overall health of the paint and gives you a moment to note areas of concern like paint over-spray, fading, chipping, flaking or water spotting.

The aircraft is then prepared manually using either clay bars and or mechanical polishing tools to remove contaminants and release the surface tension on the skin of the aircraft. After multiple rounds of this, the exterior of the aircraft is washed and all leftover compounds are completely removed. After a thorough cleanining and drying, the paint is sealed with three to five layers of paint sealant.

The paint will then show significant improvement in finish that is “brighter” in appearance, fresher and smoother to the touch. If done periodically, this will increase the life of the paint and reduce your overhaul costs in maintaining the air craft exterior in good shape.

Metal-Brite Polishing

Metal Bright -works is done in several steps, the process begins with a thorough evaluation of your your aircraft’s exterior condition and includes an inspection of  the metal surfaces including spinner heads, wing surfaces, engine inlets, vertical stabilizer etc.

The aircraft is prepped with protection from flying debris by covering over windows, static wicks and ports with plastic sheeting, paper sheets, fabric pads and tarps. Once aircraft is prepped, high-speed buffers and surfaces are applied on the metal parts with various grades of polishing compound. This will remove built up corrosion and oxidation that have made their way into the metal’s surface. This process is repeated three to five times, on the surfaces and every water spot, blemish, scratch, and pit is removed leaving behind a flawless mirror-like finish to the metal surfaces.

De-Ice Boot Strip Clean and Reseal

Your aircraft’s de-ice boots collects a lot of dirt , bugs and exhaust fumes during flight operations. The life of the de-ice boots and performance is reduced if it is not maintained well with periodic stripping, cleaning and resealing. JetEXE’s experts will be clean and de-bug the boots before taping it off and stripping it to remove any old boot sealant. Then 3 to 5 new coats of boot sealant will be applied in order to maximize shine and increase life and efficiency of the de-ice boots.

Undercarriage and gear-well cleaning

It is important to keep your aircraft wheel wells clean and fully functional. Wheel/brake-area fires are occasionally reported following normal operating brake temperature condition landings which are usually attributed to the ignition of excessive grease and dirt that has accumulated on the axle in the brake assembly cavity.  Some wheel heat shields can retain residual fluids and cleaning fluids after being saturated with flammable solvents during aircraft maintenance. Wheel-brake-area fires have also been reported due to ignition of hydraulic fluid associated with leaks or after hydraulic system maintenance. Though these fires generally do not cause major damage to the airplane or endanger passengers or crew, it can become costly to repair. Simple and thorough  cleaning of the wheel well is the first step to avoiding such incidents. Our aircraft exterior cleaning team can clean and restore your aircraft wheel wells to increase its life, appearance and performance.

Paint Touch-ups and Paint Restoration

Our job is to make your airplane look its best. Nicks and scratches on the paint makes it look old and uncared for. Our paint touch up team can mix and blend paint to match your aircraft paint. We will then carefully touch up the nicks and scratches to make your plane look like new. If your aircraft’s paint is faded due to sun and weather exposure, we can do a paint restoration on it. This will remove the oxidized layer of paint and then, buffed, polished and waxed to get the best results. You will find a significant improvement in the color and gloss of the paint with a paint restoration process.

Re – decal

Yes, some of the aircraft decals don’t last as long as the paint. It can start peeling or fading due to exposure to weather and the wind forces acting on the skiing of the airplane. We have decal design experts who can design decals for your plane and then our aircraft exterior restoration team will apply the decals to make it look beautiful and new.